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These are Lois's bellydance pages

(jump to videos of me dancing)


This all started off in the Summer of 2007, when we went to see a brilliant show at the Edinburgh - a one-woman show called "The Bellydance Diaries", which was about three women's experience of using bellydancing to get what they wanted from life (including slimness!) The show's billings said "Celebrate the dance's undulating origins, sultry tribal rhythms and shimmying improvisation of body and beat with live music by the UK's top Arabic musicians." and it was all of that. The star, Daphne Pena, talked to us afterwards about what she had got from this form of dancing and when we looked her up we found that in fact she's one of the UK's foremost proponents of a particular New York style of Pilates, and teaches that and bellydancing in London. Her website is in the links below, and if you go to the Fringe then we can really recommend her show.

When we got back home we set about finding some bellydance sessions – and these were quite difficult to locate, until we found that the dance studio that is almost on our doorstep (just on the outskirts of Durham) does evening sessions, so I enrolled in those. Believe me, once a week is sufficient for a beginner. Anyway, our teacher, Gillian Hutton, is really, really good – and can even get me doing something that feels (and Ian says looks) not too bad. As well as teaching, Gillian runs a bellydance troupe called Jewels of the East, and they do demonstrations and workshops all over the North East and will even provide entertainment for your event - including a souk if you want it, with some really nice things for sale. Their own website has some great pics on it, and some good links to other sites too. I joined the troupe in 2012! See us on Youtube

Here are a few shots of me in the new outfit Ian bought me for Christmas (the blue one) and for my birthday (the red one). There's also some shots of me performing. I'm on Youtube, too. Click here.